A Dark Night!


It was a dark night!

I was a little in fright,

Trembling under the bed,

My face had turned red.

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The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!



A young girl in her early twenties dressed in an eyelet emerald top paired with a bright yellow skirt was heading towards the temple in anxiety. She was such a skinny and frail figure who would’ve fallen eventually even if patted by someone. Though she’d studied hard, an air of nervousness had descended upon her pale face. Continue reading “The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!”


Hello everyone!!

It’s after so long I’m drumming my fingers on the keyboard to write here… They’re freezing, yes it’s cold here but they don’t want to stop. ✍There was something – a strange heaviness which was pulling me from writing these days but today I let that go and I’m very happy for that.

Sometimes, we overthink and forget what is serenity. Such a thing was happening with me. I was straining my mind with thoughts that were useless but today my sub-conscious couldn’t take it anymore…so I swept all the junk out of my system and you know my soul is really as fresh as primrose!

The overwhelming emotions escaped out of me in the form of tears washing away all the dirt… The child in me bounced up, flaoting in the air and Yes I found my lost self!

Today the realisation dawned on me that: Never ever give up your passion and skill because if you would cease doing it … gradually and unknowingly you would forget it and the only thing that you would’ve with yourself – regret!

So, better not lose what you’ve developed and what you’re being gifted with: Keep your spirit alive. Whenever you feel like quitting just close your beautiful eyes and experience the peace that is within you. You know, we all have the power to heal ourselves by mere thoughts.

These days I was flogging my mind with lives of other people, I was scared what if I would lose them, but then my sub-conscious told me that we all are connected … yes! through the “Soul of the Universe”. No one is ever away from us, we can communicate, exchange blessings through the universal language which is silently spoken…by our hearts.

We radiate and emit what we absorb! So, instead of bombarding yourself with piles of tension, absorb the positive energy which can be generated by your very soul and then radiate the glowing aura. Churn yourself and extract the nectar … the residue you should decompose into manure and nourish the fields of your mind.

Believe good things will happen and they will! So, stay healthy, happy and whenever you feel lonely try to transform it in a state of solitude!

May God bless you and give you strength to realise yourself!👍👍

Thanks for reading!

Bhavya Malhotra

Melody for a melodious soul!


You must be wondering why I’ve written this date! August 30 – It’s my friend’s b’day today!!!

Happy B’day Krishna! 

You might not know her. Trying to spot her in the pic! There she is the one at the left in light blue in a jovial mood! So, I shall give you a brief introduction first! She is a very sweet, kind and easy-going person, the one with whom you would love to spend your time – as I do! Moreover, it’s her angelic voice which makes her stand atop the crowd! Continue reading “Melody for a melodious soul!”


It was the last day of October, a colder one and nearly half past ten when Johnny woke up from his cosy bed. As he stepped into the hall, he was startled . to see that all the furniture had been shifted to a corner and pumpkins were scattered on the floor. The boy searched for his mother but did not get a glimpse of her. His jaw dropped as he heard a sound from the basement which was locked for the past two years. Continue reading ““THE SCARY HALLOWEEN””

गुहार एक माँ की …

निर्मल नदियों की माला पहने
धारण कर जीवनदायी वृक्षों के गहने,
थी कभी तू ऐसी माँ
फिर किसने बदला यह खूबसूरत समां ?

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एक अनोखी गाथा – स्वतंत्रता !!!

घिरा हुआ था उज्ज्वल गगन

अब उन श्याम घनों से,

बिखर गए थे मोती सारे भारत की अखंड माला के !

कदम रख लिए थे उन्होंने

भारत की पावन धरा पर

प्रारम्भ किया खेल अपना

गोरों ने काली सीरत से !!


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A thanking note!!!

Today as I’m sitting in front of my laptop and wondering what if I’d never started writing, what if I’d just not started blogging! How incomplete I would’ve felt! God knows what hollowness I would’ve been experiencing! 

But of course that vacuum has been filled with pleasant memories and experiences  because I’m doing something which I immensely love to! I’ve got a platform to express whatever I want to. Continue reading “A thanking note!!!”

Encounter with an Easter Monkey!!!🐒

Once upon a time, a railway line passed through a dense forest. The railway signal was fixed near a tall tree on which a big monkey lived. He observed a dark-coloured boy in vest and shorts approaching the railway station anxiously. The boy with tangled hair sat at the station with his neatly tied pile of newspaper. Very earnestly he took out a newspaper and began reading it thoroughly. As soon as he heard the roar of the train, he stood up alarmingly and after its arrival went inside quickly to distribute the papers. Continue reading “Encounter with an Easter Monkey!!!🐒”

Care for the Elderly!!!

Money! Money! Money!

People now-a-days are exorbitantly passionate about procuring this five letter word and can cross any damn limit to gain it! They even find their parents a liability and reckon that spending on their elders is a mere wastage of their hard-earned money. Some of them are so treacherous that they are after usurping their parent’s property and assets without a speck of shame. Continue reading “Care for the Elderly!!!”

सर्वहारा वर्ग

अश्रु बहे इन आँखों से तब
उन कोमल हाथों को देखा जब,
लीन थे अपने कार्य में वे
घिरे हुए पटाखों के ढेर से,
कटे पिटे थे उनके हाथ!
कर दो कृपा उनपर हे नाथ!!!

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INDIA – My Motherland! My Dreamland! My Destination!

Recognised as one of the developing countries of the world, India is progressing at a very fast pace. We have reached the “Mars” and the “Bullet Train” is soon going to run on the Indian tracks. Whether in the field of sports or music, movies or science Indians are discovering new avenues and flourishing like blossoms of the spring.

image-2017-05-27-5  download  isros-mars-orbiter-mission-new-york-times-apologises-for-offensive-cartoon-on-indias-mars-mission (1)

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About Me!

Hello friends. I am Bhavya Malhotra. It’s a pleasure to meet you all virtually. I’m just a little bud who will fortunately blossom into a flower some day but will always retain and would carry within her, her spontaneity and childlike humour and innocence. Hope you’ll enjoy the stuff this munchkin would provide you for your edification. I’ll keep uploading my views and stories over here if possible weekly. So I hope you’re there to bless me and wish me all the best! Thank You!