The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!


A young girl in her early twenties dressed in an eyelet emerald top paired with a bright yellow skirt was heading towards the temple in anxiety. She was such a skinny and frail figure who would’ve fallen eventually even if patted by someone. Though she’d studied hard, an air of nervousness had descended upon her pale face.

She stood in front of the adorable idol of the God praying for her good marks in the exam going to be held the very next day. With her hazel eyes closed earnestly, she worshipped the Almighty reciting prayers silently. Suddenly, a scarlet fragrant rose fell into her trembling hands held closed to one another in the shape of a dish.

She lightly opened her eyes, had a humble glance at the rose and held it close to her chest. On her way back home, she was utterly lost in the rose perceiving it to be a blessing from the God which would surely help her coping the difficult time. Every bit of her apprehension had turned into a radiant smile.

That angelic flower was strengthening and encouraging her to work even harder. She placed the flower closed to her heart and slept under the shade of the shimmering moonshine!

The bright sun woke her cosily in the morning. Confident enough to appear for the exam, she carried the little red companion along with her. The exam passed peacefully and she returned home with glittering eyes…

Ecstatically, she narrated the tale of that magical flower bestowed upon her to her mother. The mother was looking at her jubilant daughter beaming a radiant smile but she wasn’t even an atom surprised!

The daughter, however was astonished by this expression of her mother and asked her the reason for the same. Her mother gently held her hand, caressed it and disclosed that she was the one who had poured the flower into her hands.

She made her understand that faith is such a powerful emotion which can make the “Impossible” say “I’m possible”.

This boundless faith of hers in that ordinary flower led her through all the impediments. So friends, if you believe in yourself and persevere no power on earth can pull you back from achieving your goal.

So have faith in yourself and keep going…

Created by:

Bhavya Malhotra


11 thoughts on “The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!

  1. Practicing the art of life, making of one’s life a “work of art” is equivalent in our liquid modern world to remain in a state of permanent transformation, to be redefined perpetually transforming (or at least trying) into someone different from the one that has been gone until now. This is my experience after having read your text. Congratulations.

    I invite you to read my most recent publication called “Thus I met Pablo Escobar” … Gabo arrives at the time. I share the link

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