Wanna Know You Better!!

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m here with my first ever nomination… “Wanna Know You Better!!” A blogger friend of mine was kind enough to make me a nominee and in his words  I have been condemned to answer his questions. Well, he has got some real humour!😂

I was nominated in early September last year and now it’s May end! You can do the calculations if you want but I don’t fancy being a calculator…! 😁🙏  Due to certain unavoidable reasons, I wasn’t able to embrace this challenge earlier (sounds formal no! 😅) In simple words, I had my 12th class books staring at me whenever I tried to open the blog… So, I chose to stare at them instead!

Alright now, shall we begin? Being a “good” girl, I will now do as the Rule Book says…




This challenge “Wanna Know You Better!” has been started by a blogger Riya! I just found her blog when I got to know about the challenge. Do pay a visit at Riya’s Blog. I’m sure you won’t regret that because she is indeed a versatile writer!


Thanking The Pensieve

The Pensieve: A magical object in Harry Potter where you can revisit yours and others memories!

The day I had seen the name of this blog for the first time, “The Pensieve” I knew it would be an interesting one, and yes I was right! But be careful, because once you’ll press the above link you’ll enter a beautiful world and won’t want to come out of that! Hey! But you’re gonna visit, right?

Many many thanks to Dr. Soumitra Patil of “The Pensieve” first of all for nominating me and secondly for confirming that he is ‘he’ because I’d assumed him ‘she’! 😂 My apologies Dr.! Girls are like that, they find a good blog and think it should be a ‘she’ not ‘he’ like Hermione was all set to believe that ‘The Half Blood Prince” was a princess actually! So, I’m no different! 🤗


Your Questions, My Answers!


Get, Set, Go………..

Q.1 The reason/ inspiration behind your blog.

Well, there was so much inside me and in a yellow folder of mine, so I decided to pour the contents into a pensieve like yours so that even others could enjoy it! The geography teacher of mine Anindita ma’am, had given me this idea actually! You can check her blog here.

Q.2 Sun? Or Moon?

My pet name is “Bhanu” which means Sun! And without Sun, Moon can’t shine at night! So, I’m in for “Bhanu”! Though a joke is there that Moon is more essential than Sun because in daytime we’ve light! 😅 Crazy isn’t it?

Q.3 Are you a night owl? Or are you a morning person?

I’m both and I’m neither! Because when I go to school I’m definitely a morning person who because of sleeping late at night gets late for school almost daily, and then have to endure the taunts of the guard having scary handlebar moustache! It’s not that easy to persuade him! I’d even offered him laddoos on my b’day but despite my bribes I and my brother were once sent to home straightaway from school for being late by 5 min… 🙄Well he has got a point that I’ve got to get punctual. I think I will try…😄

Q.4 What did you want to be when you were little?

I used to sing this

“Achche bachche rote nahi,     

 Apni aankhein khote nahi

 Inhin aankhon se padna hai 

 Doctor baabu banana hai!”

(Good kids don’t cry, they don’t lose their eyes because these would help them to study and become a good doctor in future)

But I’m in Non Med so LOL!

Q.5 Any fictional character you think you relate with the most. And why?

I’ve already mentioned her name before… Hermione! I think I’ve got that slight air of impatience, knack for reading books and never-ending desire to visit library and some years ago I even had her bushy hair though jet black like Harry’s !

Q.6 How do you deal with stress?

I listen to BK sister Shivani! Those who need answers to their problems just search her on You Tube and then immerse yourself in her divine teachings!

Q.7 Which one of my posts is your favourite? And why?

You’ve got a plethora of amusing posts but if you ask me to pick one, I’ll say “Energy!” Being a science student I felt very connected to it and you catalysed me through that post! (Check out the post and my comment over there.)

Q.8 You are the last remaining person on this planet. What would you do?

I’ll sort a banyan tree and would try to do what Dhruv had! (Check out Hindu mythology to know about this great soul)

Q.9 Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Why so?

Well yes! God has his own plans to make us learn through even the simplest of events… Through our own actions, we allow Him to formulate a ‘bhagya’ (fate) for us! The products we receive in our lives depend on the reactants we choose! Each soul in this Universe is linked to other souls… We’ve some unfulfilled tasks and to complete them we meet each other, do our ‘karma’ and that decides our destiny!

Q.10 What is your definition of ‘true happiness’?

I think when you stop feeling too much bad or sorrowful for something or when you stop jumping with mirth at your achievements… When you attain a constant state which is peaceful and satisfying letting you see your inner world… That day you would be the happiest because you will radiate an unflinching blissful aura then! Well, that requires self control! Maybe someday I would be able to do that… 🙂😇


My Questions Your Answers!

writing letter in candlelight. vintage items on the table

So, I’ve done my share now it’s your turn to let me know YOU better!

Q.1 Have you ever been foolhardy? When? Why? Describe briefly.

Q.2 How do you prefer the curtains, drawn or pulled apart?

Q.3 What kind of a “dream home” you dream about?

Q.4 If you had the power to transfigure into an animal/bird/insect as per your will what would you’ve chosen? Why? (Only one allowed!)

Q.5 If I offer you Watermelon or a Chocolate ice-cream during summer what will you choose? Why?

Q.6 In your home what’s your favourite inanimate object and tell me the reason behind that?

Q.7 If you had got an opportunity to make somebody else’s blog (except mine) yours which blog would you’ve swapped with?  (Take it as a compulsion. I know we all love our own creations and couldn’t dream of exchange! I just want to know your favourite blog)

Q.8 Which is/was your favourite swing in the park?

Q.9 Anything you would like to suggest me to become better? (You can’t answer Nothing)

Q.10 How do you feel about God? (I know you can write a novel on this but just tell me in less than 100 words)



Winner trophy with abstract bokeh light background.

  • Madhusudan of ‘Madhusudan Singh Poems’ for his sweet poetry!
  • Ashee of ‘Tris’s blog for her heart winning quilling designs and beautiful words!
  • Komal  of ‘Kohinoor Creations’ for her meaningful sketches!
  • Shreya of ‘Shreya’ for her delightful humour!
  • RJ Britten of ‘Planet me’ for seeking extraordinary even in mundane!
  • Chetna of ‘Curiotivity’ for spreading fragrance around the world!
  • Era of ‘The Hidden soul’ for her versatility!


Rules to be followed:

For my nominees, pardon me but Rules are Rules!


  1. Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!”
  2. Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to her post.
  3. Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  4. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  5. You may create your own questions for your targets
  6. Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favourite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  7. Add a link of your post in the comment section of the Host and nominees below so that they would come to know about you.
  8. State the steps.


* * * * * * *

Well thanks a lot for bearing my Q/A session! I hope it was alright! I believe such tasks are a very good way to learn about each other. In case you’re not a nominee but still feel to answer the questions then please, please! Don’t hold yourself back! I would love to know your answers in the comment section! 

For those who are my nominees it’s not a mandatory task for you… Just go as your heart says. After all, some rules can be broken! But if you would like me to know YOU better then, Let’s Go……… Tell me when you’re done!

Stay Safe and happy with your lovely families!




56 thoughts on “Wanna Know You Better!!

  1. Well… Your answers were really worth the wait! I enjoyed reading them thoroughly. Especially the bits and pieces that you shared about yourself such as the guard at the school and the rhyme you learnt as a kid. It’s so nostalgic and so relatable! Also thank you so much for taking the pain and effort to describe my blog in such great words…. Like, I’m really flattered😅

    Oh and BTW, the one thing you can do to ‘improvise’ yourself is to use the word ‘improve’ next time instead of ‘improvise’. Because improvise has a slightly different meaning😅 I know you didn’t ask me to answer your question… But may be you can work on your grammar?😅

    Wish you all the very best for the rest of your exams (if they ever take place) & your future ambitions Bhanu!(if I can call you that..)

    P.S. What do you want to be when you grow up? Like doctor nahi vo to pakka hai but still😅

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s the longest comment on my site! Wow! You’re hard working no!
      Oh well, words play! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I’ll make the correction! 🙂
      Well, great suggestion, I’ll surely work upon it if you’ll be giving me lessons! XD XD
      I really need the ATBs. Thanks! And yes you can call me Bhanu! Whenever somebody addresses me with that name, he/she feels like family!
      Well, that’s a tough question…. sometimes, I also ponder about that…. The day my heart would tell me, I’ll inform you! 🙂
      Till then, Stay Safe and Happy! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, sure! I’ll be happy to help! Although I ain’t no grammar nazi either😅 I always disliked grammar whenever I came across it… Because as such literature is very colourful and subjective… Until the dry, rude grammar pops in🙁

        I hope you figure out your dreams soon. ‘cuz 12th is really a major turning point in our lives😅

        Stay safe & stay blessed as well! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Bhavya! Congratulations and thanks for the nomination ! Those were some really wonderful questions and answers. I certainly know you a lot better now. 🙂

    The thing is, I’m finding it hard to cope with the online classes and tests right now and need to minimize my time doing things other than academics. I have 5 other nominations now, and with the permission of all the five bloggers who nominated me, I’m compiling them into one post. Please let me know if I can compile this nomination in that post as well. 🙂
    Thank you, again!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Non med aha!! So which field r u in?
    All the best for the upcoming board exam.
    Hermione fans yeahhhh!!!!!!!
    ReAding books cheers again!!
    And good blogs belong to girl well well I have jumbled that quite a few times🙈🙈🙈🙈
    Cheers and 👏🏽 congratulations 🎉

    Liked by 2 people

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