Nourish your talents before they fade away…

We all have a fire kindling in us somewhere… I call this fire 🔥 our talents!

Have you ever experienced that sometimes you’re engrossed in something so deeply that you even forget to breathe! You’re just inhaling very little air and that makes you impatient… And as soon as you realise this, you automatically flare your nose to gulp in huge amount of fresh air and then you feel as good as ever! You feel like yourself!

Likewise, we busy ourselves … Students have got loads to do, housemakers have no holidays, shopkeepers have to expand their businesses, teachers have to prepare assignments, doctors need to rush at emergency calls no matter what hour and so on … the list extends infinitely… and while playing our different roles we forget ourselves.

All these things are essential, we do them but still somewhere there is a  void in us! With time it’s expanding itself becoming murkier, grisly, snatching our sleep every night! And we ask ourselves “What’s wrong with me? Why am I turning grumpier day by day?” 

The thing is we’re not fuelling our fire regularly! We are in some manner moving away from our originality retreating into a lonely shade, searching for an escape… But Why? Why do we need to do that?

Our fire is what keeps us alive! If we will extinguish that, we will lose the meaning of our existence! Why on earth we ignore our talents? Why letting them rot inside us… Why not shape them, mould them into the right direction! If not now then it would be never!

Let’s do a practical! Take a piece of paper and crumble it, crush it with as much force as you desire. Smooth it out now, try your best to flatten it! You can still see the wry creases marring the plain white sheet! Not satisfied with your attempt!

Alright, press it with your hands, keep it in a book and place that book beneath a pile of heavy objects. After a few hours take out the paper again. Hmm less creases better!

Good. At least you were able to mend it to some extent. Now take another paper and tear it into as many pieces as you want! It now lays destroyed beyond repair. You can’t make it the same again no matter how many litres of adhesive or tape you use! You’ve killed that paper.

In similar manner we let our talents wander aimlessly and then slowly slowly they start fading away because we are crushing them crumbling them the way we did to the fresh paper. But if we wake from our slumber and try to smooth them out, to repair them… They will come back gradually!

But if they would walk beyond the horizon they will be gone forever! Out of our reach! We have torn them like that paper. No matter what we try but those pieces of paper would never be the same!

That’s why, talk to yourself! Ask yourself the things you like most or the feelings you want to feel… Wanna visit an orphanage? Wanna cook a delicious meal? Wanna start a blog? Wanna open an art gallery? Wanna design clothes? Wanna travel? Wanna read? Wanna write? Then don’t stop yourself by throwing excuses of extra work and shortage of time! Grab the first opportunity life offers and if it doesn’t offer then create one yourself! How?

Don’t call yourself busy! Say: “I’m easy. I’ve the capability to become what I want to!” This *I am ____* is a very powerful mantra!  Whatever adjective you fill in this dash will become your personality if you would persevere earnestly! We think it’s easier said than done… But it’s easier done as well!!!

You just got to pull yourself together…

You just got to fuel your fire! When we don’t waste water, food, electricity or anything without which survival isn’t possible… Then how can we kill the force without which we feel incomplete!

One day we all would’ve to fade away from this world… But till that moment arrives polish yourself, make yourself as bright as possible so that even time will not be able to fade you away just like Dhruva Tara (Pole Star)! 

All The Best! Take Care and Love your Loved Ones!

~Bhavya Malhotra

10 thoughts on “Nourish your talents before they fade away…

  1. Amazing piece….. I felt so connected to this that I couldn’t lift my eye 👀 Once….. Very true…. We must enhance our talents or do all those things that make ourselves happy and keep us moving…. Thank you 🙏💕 so much Bhavya….. For you were the one who suggested me to put my sketches on such a big platform….. You were the one who motivated me to nourish my talents….. I can’t even tell you that how happy do I feel after writing blogs or making new sketches….. And all this is because of you 🙏💕….. Thank you 😇

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s kind of you to say that! But I had only suggested, it was YOU who chose to act!!!
      And that choice has made all the difference!
      Be happy and keep enlightening others with your meaningful sketches and pure thoughts! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly. So. Motivating.
    And every scary to a point. Yess, I’ve seen that fire- in most people, in myself sometimes, the urge to do something. And this quarantine, I’ve been able to do some of it, if not all. 🙂
    But really, so so motivating. X

    Liked by 1 person

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