We all are blessed with some special ingredients but to prepare a delicious meal, we have to start cooking!

The Almighty is very kind!

He has blessed us all with special talents – the ingredients which vary from person to person!

Every dish requires a unique set of ingredients and so does our lives  which need a specific flavor according to our taste buds! 😃

But a dish isn’t prepared just by collecting the ingredients, we have to stir our pots ourselves and then savour the pleasure of the delicious meal (our life) which we have cooked on our own!

So, friends I hope you’re ready to use your ingredients wisely!

Best wishes from Bhavya Malhotra.❤

27 thoughts on “We all are blessed with some special ingredients but to prepare a delicious meal, we have to start cooking!

        1. Yeah while preparing food, we sometimes miss out something… Or make it bad by adding extra salt or making it too spicy. Sometimes we can correct our mistakes and at other times the spoilt food is beyond any repair. So, why not start cooking again? We have plenty of ingredients… Our supplier (God) is kind!😃

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your post. We have to dig deep within ourselves to find out “gifts”. We focus too much on what’s wrong- instead of what’s right. Once we find it- we need to fine tune things as “life” happens. Great post 😉

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  2. My dear friend Bhavya,

    Indeed life is a practical matter and no step can be omitted. In theory we know so much already, but each one of us has his/her own cooking recipe for our life – and only through practising it, eating even what we have cooked we can enrich our experience. Lived experience is like real life, it is not copied but individually digested.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words 🙂

    Love and light to you, dear friend

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  3. Bhavya u are really creative girl I had seen ever Bhavya u very well said that how dish is made with lots of hardwork! you very well compare this with human beings plz continue with this yrr u are the best 😍😍😍😘😘

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