This is in response to Thursday Poetry Writing Competition hosted weekly by H.R. Phoenix, an excellent blogger! This time we had to experiment with different kinds of poetry styles and to begin each verse with the same letter!

So, here I tried to employ slant rhymes, rich rhymes and eye rhymes. Throughout the poem the same rhyming sound of “…a…m” “…a…n” has been repeated and it is overflowing with Similes, thanks to ‘As’! 😅

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and let’s see if you could guess about whom I’m writing before reaching till the very end! 😁

So, here we go…

As mysterious as the misty black night

As clear as the bright morning Sun!

As light as a humming bird’s feather

As heavy as a million Ton!

As smooth as satin silk

As hard as a sparkling Diamond!

As high as the infinite sky

As deep as the deepest Ocean!

As widespread as universe can be

As tiny as a Microorganism!

As swift as light travels

As slow as a poet’s soulful Rhythm!

As silent as silence can be

As loud as a chirruping Bedlam!

As brimming with life as elixir 

As deadly as the strongest Venom!

As blazing as red hot iron

As soothing as a soft cool breeze on Burns!

As perfect as perfection can be

As perfect is the only One!

My God!


~Bhavya Malhotra

God has no end and no beginning. He is everything and He is nothing! How ironic it sounds but yeah it’s true…

May God bless you all! 💝😄😇

63 thoughts on “As…

      1. आपका लेखन बहुत ही अच्छा और हिंदी भी अपनी काबिल-ए-तारीफ़ है। 👌🌺🌺

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  1. Omg…. This is so amazing🤩😍👍….. Each reference you gave for describing the one you wrote this poem about is really fantastic🤘😝🤘…… Your writings always take me to another world of imagination…. Keep writing 😘

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  2. Facets of life and moments – like waves on the Ocean, a journey in all directions, expanding life in consciousness 🙂
    Thank you very much for sharing this profound poem of yours, my dear friend Bhavya
    All that is good for you and yours 🙂
    May God bless you to

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  3. As beautiful as always ❤ .
    Hii Bhanu, Kundan here, your best friend is trying something new😅. I’ve switched my site to a new one….hope for positive responses when trying something different 😅 Wish me luck. And your poems rock as always 🤩🤩

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    1. Aww… Thank you!!!
      You remember my nick name, wow!
      All the very best Kundan! ❤️❤️
      I’m spending half of my day is on Write the world these days. So, I wasn’t much active here.
      Today, in the evening I’ll come and visit you new site. 😀


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