The Sound Of Music!

Evelyn Glennie, a Scottish multi-percussionist who despite losing her capacity to hear at the age of 12 didn’t give up music! She couldn’t hear the sounds but felt it in the most amazing way! Once she’d heard (felt) a drum playing and in her words…

“Suddenly I realised I could feel the higher drum from the waist up and the lower one from the waist down.”

After this, she was determine to nourish this talent of hers and never looked back! Even now she performs barefoot, feeling every beat caressing her! So, here’s a poem dedicated to her untiring efforts and a heart of gold!


Evelyn, the little budding musician

Waiting to play the piano with passion…

Her name was called but she didn’t hear.

The nerve damage had impaired her ears

Silence stretched, miles along, suffocatingly sick

Folks jeered, “What! Really! Can a deaf play music?”


But deaf are those who don’t feel, don’t care,

Not the ones who’ve zeal and dare!!!

Without fighting the battle, she didn’t succumb to defeat,

For God had given her a different treat!

What we hear, she felt deep within

And let the musical waves flow therein…


Her mind opened to sound and vibrations

Tingling her skin, creating sensations!

Music poured in through every part…

Gradually, she mastered the divine art!

Her heroic spirit without a tint of proud

Made her stand atop the crowd! 


Evelyn became the greatest inspiration

Weaving perfection out of her imperfections!

Surpassing all the boundaries and shackles,

Thrashing all the exhausting obstacles!

After reading her tale, just think buddies…

What you can do and achieve, Oh see!

When silence knows how to work the piano keys!!!


~ Bhavya Malhotra



There’s a prose in standard 9th English textbook on Evelyn Glennie’s story and I’ve picked up the title “The Sound Of Music” from there only! 


27 thoughts on “The Sound Of Music!

  1. Even I love music but I never knew about such a passionate music lover… makes me happier to know about such a determined music lover. And your poem is awesome and the best way to express your love and intensity of inspiration you draw from her.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Her mind open to the sound and vibrations,
    Tingling her skin ,creating sensations!

    Her heroic spirit without a tint of proud,
    Made her stand atop the crowd!🔥❤🔥
    What a fantastic creation ,full of melodies!
    Great work,dear!💜💜

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you…
      Well I had written it while I was going to my coaching in DTC. Propping against the window seat of the bus I had written it for the younger sister of a friend of mine at coaching, Tanishka. Her sister had got that as homework to write a poem on her and my friend wanted her sister to complete her project…
      So, she’d asked me to write for her sister so that her sister would help my friend in return!
      Sounds funny…
      But I had loved the prose and decided to write! Such a fine day it was in that bus!

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