Letters! A treasure of our emotions!


I personally feel that letters are the optimum means to convey what we truly feel. They literally open our heart and provide us a platform to reveal ourselves. But these days we’ve confined ourselves to short messages and that too abbreviated!

So, I decided to do something different and moved a step ahead in changing this trend. I started presenting letters and power point presentations to my friends on their birthdays. And I don’t know whether you would believe it or not but the happiness they felt on receiving those letters was much more than I’d expected!

I’d presented such letters to Chetna, Jeevika and Krishna—my friends and ppts to Surakshita, Shubhi and Mukta on their birthdays.

I still remember when Chetna had called me up on her b’day on receiving the letter. I couldn’t see her tear-dimmed eyes but could feel the delight and surprise in them. One more letter I’d written for Jeevika tracing back her journey to a new school with new friends and I do believe she liked it!

And the last letter I’d written so far was to Krishna. But due to the proximity of exams which were after her b’day I wasn’t able to give her the letter on that occasion. So, after the exams passed (rather slowly) I wrote a poem for her describing how her presence had brought about a significant transformation in my life as well as in my attitude!

After letters I tried my hands on the ppts. Surakshita, Shubhi and Mukta were really very ecstatic on receiving the ppts endowed with our lovely pictures, b’day wishes and not to miss my mini-messages.

Really, the very broad and radiant smiles on their faces on receiving those worthy pieces of my heart were remarkable. You know, “Friends” are the ones who make your life really  special and if you can also make your friends feel special by doing some little and beautiful things for them, you’ll be as jubilant and elated as your friends would be!

I’m not saying that letters are the only way to communicate but for me they’re the best sculptures to carve my emotions! That is why I took to writing. So, now as I sit and think,

“How mighty these letters are! They can’t speak but they speak in the most unique and effective manner without a speck of hesitation, Silently! I truly reckon them as the best orators of this world only if you could yourself write an excellent speech for them!!!”

Peaceful Reading!

See you soon!

Bhavya Malhotra



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