Melody for a melodious soul!


You must be wondering why I’ve written this date! August 30 – It’s my friend’s b’day today!!!

Happy B’day Krishna! 

You might not know her. Trying to spot her in the pic! There she is the one at the left in light blue in a jovial mood! So, I shall give you a brief introduction first! She is a very sweet, kind and easy-going person, the one with whom you would love to spend your time – as I do! Moreover, it’s her angelic voice which makes her stand atop the crowd!

So, here’s a melody addressed to a lovely and melodious soul:

“The tenderness of your heart

The soft, delicate smile

The sweet voice which is grand

Can even awake a lonely aisle

I know very well my dear friend

It is your lovely style!

In the garden of your thoughts,

You always sow the seeds of love.

This has miraculously brought

The succulent fruits of trust!

Turning the bonds mighty

And as milky as dove!

All the eyes watching

May not see the real you!

All the hands clapping

May even attack you!

Ah! I can’t stop the torrential rain

But can be your umbrella!

May God bestow you such potential

To brighten the boundless sky like a stella!

The endless horizon of your heart

Where may be I sometimes travel!

Oh dear! Never let me be apart

I’ll breathe in a space

Even as tiny as a gravel!

The deeper I would row

In search of the melodies

To define you – a great soul!

Dancing on this sheet would be

Beautiful corals, not less than a mole!

I know one day

The wings of time would fly high!

Hope we’ll still be together

As close as the numbers on the dice!!!”


Here I’m holding the black mike singing on Independence day! And the tallest of all, the one whom you could half-see – yes you’re right! It’s Krishna. Golden memories of childhood!!!

A little gift from your friend for you Krishna!

Always be happy! Stay blessed! 

-Bhavya Malhotra



3 thoughts on “Melody for a melodious soul!

  1. It’s not the little gift , it is most precious gift for your friend
    More than her angelic voice this poem will make her stand atop the crowd!
    Liked this one
    You are really kind
    Belated birthday wishes to your friend Krishna with love 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

    Liked by 2 people

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