A Dark Night!

It was a dark night!

I was a little in fright,

Trembling under the bed,

My face had turned red.

It was a terrific nightmare,

Which made my heart scared

What happened then,

I couldn’t tell!

But yes! I would agree

It was a brief season in hell!

When I was shaking with fear

Someone came and wiped my tears.

The touch of her affectionate hands

Strengthened my glands.

I hadn’t felt her love before

As I was busy in my chores!

Her words were sympathetic and kind,

Which utterly relaxed my mind!

Though I was only seven, 

But experienced the pleasure of heaven!

She made that night a blissful dream.

As if flowing in a pure emotional stream!

Mind you my sisters and brothers,

That night told me the meaning of mother!!!

       – Bhavya Malhotra 

I had written this poem when I was in ninth. Only today got an opportunity to share it with you! Hope you would run and hug your mother after reading this!

15 thoughts on “A Dark Night!

  1. Wow
    It was a very attractive and nice poem. Even I love to write some sonnets and poetries. I’ll surely share it soon!!!!😄😄😄😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

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