Her Knots!

It was on the news yesterday that an army of locusts has attacked the crops in various parts of India! They might even head towards the city in which I live though I wish and pray that they would return to their home, their habitat and cease the havoc they’ve created! 

Since they love to eat crops and plants, we brought all our green friends inside the security of our home. But three of them in red, pink and yellow pots were tied on the steel railings in our balcony with ropes! 


The reef knots that my grandma (Naani) had tied had prevented them from falling down for so long! The sight of those knots made me reminisce her and I couldn’t stop myself from giving vent to my feelings!


She has gone to her final abode but we’re still linked to each other by the invisible ropes of Love! Through that connection of ours, she has sent me these words…


She had planted three plants, her trio

In Red, Pink and Yellow pots

Fastened upon the steel railing

Overlooking the balcony

Her Knots were strong, sturdy

Holding the trio in place

Shielding them from the gusty winds

Blowing around us! 


The winds kept flowing, drifting in and around

Her plants out of harm’s way gripped by the Knots

After a year, she herself flew away with the winds

Towards her end into oblivion

Then plunged into a new beginning

Embraced a new body, a new life! 

Tying new Knots, forming new bonds!

Leaving us behind with her Knots!


Three months hence, the newsman alarmed

Swarm of locusts striding to attack

For feasting on your plants

Safeguard them if you can! 

We ushered all the greenery inside

Except for the trio!

Fastened upon the steel railing

By the Knots she had tied!


Those are ‘Her’ knots

The evidence that she existed, that she had once breathed.

Her fingerprints stamped on the white ropes

Why should I untie ‘Her’ Knots? 

They represent Her resolution, Her toughness

I sense the firmness of Her hands in Her Knots!

Old yet strong, protective and caring

But will the Knots keep the locusts at bay? 


I unknotted ‘Her’ Knots to save ‘Her’ plants! 

These Knots are a mere symbol, maybe keepsake

Knots are not hers anymore!

She has gone far far from us 

Yet she has come so close!

Our hearts bridged by the Knot of Love! 

Invisible, Unbreakable, Eternal

Binding Her soul to mine forever…

~ Bhavya Malhotra


My Naani 😘

Sometimes, we’ve to erase the memories of our loved ones for the greater good!  We link them to their objects like I’d linked my grandma (Nani) to the Knots she had tied. We want to cherish those objects but if the situation demands we should be ready to part from the objects of those who have parted from us! They live through us and not through the inanimate objects which once belonged to them! Try to imbibe their good values in you, let them be proud of You! 

Stay Safe and Happy! 


P.S. I’ve written another post for my Naani. Click here to visit.

37 thoughts on “Her Knots!

  1. Nostalgia …My grandma had three cows — Shyama , Rama , Krishna ….I spend 20 minutes everyday with them…They are as loving as my grandma ❤🌸

    Beautiful poem friend …Lovely feeling ….🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! That’s very sweet! Cows are also like our mothers who with their pure milk nurture us throughout our lives.
      I’m so happy that you could relate it with your grandma! 😇
      It’s a very noble deed to take care of cows. May God bless you! 🌼

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A lovely piece of poetry, I really liked the tribute that gave to your grandmother. The earnest emotions that dribble in your words are really moving. As they say when the winds of change blow some seek shelter while others change the direction of their sails. It’s really nice how you weaved such poetic magic being inspired by the swamp of locust!

    Liked by 1 person

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