Let’s be all smiles!!!

Hi Friends! How are you?

I hope “All smiles!” Just be happy and enjoy reading whatever you find here. Today, I’m not writing on a particular topic, just speaking the random chirruping of my heart!

Tomorrow is 15th August, India’s Independence Day – a great day indeed when the whole country unite and celebrate the freedom we’ve earned by the efforts of our worthy ancestors. And of course, we all have a holiday-the best part!

So, you must be felling good! You know today I was attending my tuition, when suddenly an urge incited in me, an urge to think positive, to believe in myself, to have faith in the power of Almighty and above all to “Be Happy”

And then I thought the real happiness glides into your soul  when you make others happy! So, I decided to cheer you up with the sweet chirruping of my heart! Always remember you are the sole bearer of the torch of your life, you are the helmsman who has to steer the ship in the right direction.

Yes! Raging storms will blow up in the emerald ocean, toss you around like a rag-doll but you have to get up dear and get hold of the wheel of your ship and steer even through the roughest of weathers with a beautiful smile you possess!

You know we fail to realise the true power – the greatest of all which we possess! The magical enchantments of positive thinking! I don’t need to define it because people believe in this only after experiencing it and see the catch-22 situation over here. For experiencing it you have to believe in it!!!

You know, many a times we question our very existence! How strange it sounds but yes even you would have felt the same at some point of your life! The only remedy to come out of such a bedlam of unwanted thoughts is to tell oneself that “I am a peaceful soul!”

The mere thought but only if earnestly said to oneself  can induce millions of joules of optimistic energy and a graceful aura around you. Just try it yourself but mark my word “earnestly” not casually!

It is all in here, yes in your thinking process. If Arunima Sinha had not decided to climb the Mt. Everest despite her physical disability, she would never had made it. But she came out of the dark chamber into the bright sunshine! How? By believing in herself and accepting whatever the life was offering her!

So, try to find the light of the sun even in the pitch-dark space and if you do not find your way then learn to wait and persevere! The most important of all – never stop laughing and keep your humour and goodness as young and evergreen as ever! Because if you will make others happy, happiness would find you for sure!

Even if a single phrase of this post has brought a lovely smile on your lovely face, then I believe the purpose of writing this is heartily fulfilled.

Just be happy buddies and keep on passing it creating a domino effect! Read this very beautiful poem by Russell H. Conwell :-


Enjoy your day, night, morning and savour every moment of your life because you have no clue how fast the wings of time fly!

May God bless you!

Will meet you again with the chirruping of my heart! Nice time with you. Keep visiting your nonchalant buddy – Bhavya Malhotra! Available 24*7 ( Just kidding!)



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