That moment…

Hello everyone!

Through these lines, I have tried to capture a moment … a moment spoilt by the dark magic of misunderstanding. Sometimes we do what we don’t mean to and how that small mistake turns into a blunder changing everything! So, friends keep your calm and don’t let the perils of misunderstanding hover around you! Wishing you a happy read and even a more joyous day ahead!


That moment,

I wanted to say something

But my mouth spoke something else…

She didn’t mean to sting my unhealed wounds

But alas! My sharp words made her do that!

Silence prevailed…

We turned and traced the opposite paths.

In that pitch dark,

I heard the Devil of Misunderstanding

Chuckling hard at my utterly broken heart!


Hope you’ll not let the devil chuckle at you!

Wishing you all the best!

~ Bhavya Malhotra

46 thoughts on “That moment…

  1. Yes it happens a lot of time….. But we should reconcile everything well in time …. Because it’s easy to break relations over petty things but very difficult to maintain them….

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