A thanking note!!!

Today as I’m sitting in front of my laptop and wondering what if I’d never started writing, what if I’d just not started blogging! How incomplete I would’ve felt! God knows what hollowness I would’ve been experiencing! 

But of course that vacuum has been filled with pleasant memories and experiences  because I’m doing something which I immensely love to! I’ve got a platform to express whatever I want to.

I really think that I’m very fortunate as I’ve got very a supportive and loving family who’ve allowed me to do such experiments and of course all my friends who at some point or the other have inspired me to go ahead and achieve, and finally not to mention the unforgettable teachings of all my teachers who’ve nurtured me in the optimum manner!!!

The love and respect I’ve for them in my heart is fathomless indeed! A very big thanks to all these pearls who reside in the deepest ocean of my heart!!! I wish that you keep motivating me and remain with me forever!

Thanks God for such pals!

-Bhavya Malhotra

6 thoughts on “A thanking note!!!

  1. Bhavya I would have done something literally good as I have a friend like u . You are just awesome,my stress buster I forget all my stress and pain after having a conversation with you. Thank u for being in my life and your blogs are just amazing like u .God bless u and may shower all the blessings and success on u😘

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