The Maple Tree!

There it hung a wooden plank

Beneath me, a maple tree.

A little girl would hop in her pigtails

Swaying her frock, playing with the frills.

She would sit on her majestic throne – a wooden plank!

And in her sweet voice she yelled

“Higher Daddy! Higher I wanna go!”

Their laughs echoed in the valley

As the swing launched high

Towards the infinite sky…


And one day, my dread came true

She fell off the swing and cried all through!

Her Daddy said “It’s alright my girl”

“We fall so that we could get up!”

She smiled and climbed the swing again

And back and forth her pigtails swayed!


The little feet moved round and round around me,

And there I shook my leaves in glee.

She would then brush the green gifts aside

Made a cute face and stared at me with wide eyes

She warned me in her honey tone

“Oh maple tree! Don’t lose your leaves,

You’ll become bald and ugly!”

I used to laugh at her innocence.

The bright black eyes and silky hair,

How I miss the company we shared!


The duo would stand in front of me

Whispered a prayer and then embraced me,

The father-daughter hand in hand

Strolled back to their place and night began.

I would then drift off to sleep

Dreamt about the love they gave to me!


The years rolled by 

And the girl grew tall

Seldom she visited

And that’s where it ended I thought.

I started adjusting in the new atmosphere

For this maple tree, now who cared!

I ruffled my leaves with the wind,

Saw the sun rising and setting

Half a century passed like this

Sky, sun, stars, birds and winds

No more little girl bumping into me!


Under the bright glare of the sun,

I was dozing off when a familiar voice hummed

The same prayer she used to sing!

The grey locks sliding across her wrinkled face

The same smile she smiled

The same eyes she had!

I laughed and cried and swelled with pride

Beholding such an exuberant sight!

Her grandchildren ran around me

And she would knit the scarves

Sitting in the shade of the maple tree!


She brought with her a new sunshine

The cheerful laughter : a beautiful time!

The kids pegging stones at me

Were reprimanded by the old lady.

Together they sang a prayer for me

Causing my stomata to leak profusely!

And we were highly honoured

When the heavy clouds felt us and showered,

Five of us would search the azure sky

For the band of seven colours, high and high!


The time sprinted faster than it should

She grew more old, she coughed and puked!

Then one day, an exodus of men

Carried a body on a wooden frame.

A sudden breeze lifted the white shroud

A wan lifeless face I found!

Alas! She didn’t wake up to say the prayer

The children came and did their share

I was transfixed, couldn’t shake a leaf,

Stood there still, moaning in grief.

It was such a thunderclap!

Finally, the men laid her in my lap.

I felt her presence, her silent heartbeat!

Lying peaceful beneath me

Her maple tree!


Bhavya Malhotra

22 thoughts on “The Maple Tree!

  1. Very expressive, powerful, a journey through life filled with family love and Maple Oak Tree. The images through each stage of life are vivid. God bless us with time each day. Live it, value and cherish each moment. Enjoy Nature Show

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Bhavya! This poem is truly awe-inspiring. The lovely flow and the intricate description just adds to the beautiful story you’ve told in the form of poetry. Now, I’m really hyped to read stories from for you are a natural storyteller.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… Your kind words are melting like hot chocolate in my heart! Thank you so much for your time and lovely reading!💓
      I’m glad I came across your blog today. That’s called butterfly effect! A small event brings with it a complete change. Thanks again.😃

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I just saw a whole journey of a little girl till she becomes an old lady,and yes also her maple tree!
    Feeling perfectly ambiguous to comment on how it felt.
    But yaa it touched my heart !♥

    Liked by 1 person

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