INDIA – My Motherland! My Dreamland! My Destination!

Recognised as one of the developing countries of the world, India is progressing at a very fast pace. We have reached the “Mars” and the “Bullet Train” is soon going to run on the Indian tracks. Whether in the field of sports or music, movies or science Indians are discovering new avenues and flourishing like blossoms of the spring.

image-2017-05-27-5  download  isros-mars-orbiter-mission-new-york-times-apologises-for-offensive-cartoon-on-indias-mars-mission (1)

But is it ensured that no one in our country goes to bed with empty stomach? That no one is compelled to spend sleepless nights along the lonely streets? The precise answer is – “NO”.

Although we’ve touched the sky but have failed to hit the deep reaches of the ocean. Still, there is a long way to cover to achieve success in the real sense. But what are the factors that are hampering our growth?

Not mere illiteracy and unemployment but the treacherous Corruption is also a root cause in loosening the roots of our nation. Once an effervescent land where rivers of happiness and intellect flowed has turned barren due to the deep crisis of poverty.

Poverty+rate1   Slogan-on-Corruption

But let’s not forget that ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’. We have not ended yet we have just begun our journey. Development is not a destination but a journey itself which calls for persistent diligence.

And for creating a better and prosperous India, a new vision is required! I aspire for a land where women are treated with utmost respect, where a human does not kill a human, where terrorism finds no place and where a farmer instead of being tempted to suicide is ideally worshipped!

885662_orig   picture_307  terrorism-5v-jpg_90112_20130926-814

This is feasible only if we all join our hands together and find the flaws. This way, impeccable measures can be worked out which with remarkable implementation can bring about desirable wonders.

Pollution – a word which was not even known before 19th century has become so common yet alarming. I keenly aspire for an India where there is clean air and a clean environment; healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind; incredible culture and patriotic hearts.

It is very ironical to hear that the country which had the World’s greatest university – ‘The Nalanda University’ where a child of mere 7 years knew the art of performing surgery – is experiencing such high illiteracy rates.

A very few people are aware that the ‘Father of Atomic Bomb’, Mr. J.R. Oppenheimer had sought inspiration from a holy book – “The Bhagvat Geeta” which was penned in our mystic land only.

Our country owns immeasurable treasure of such knowledge which is embedded in our scriptures. We need to unfold them to discover new enigmas and thus lay the foundation of a golden nation.

I desire to see my nation as a sacred place where everyone is beaming a radiant smile. India like a caring mother embraces and cherishes all her children teaching them a dignified way to achieve integrity.

I want India to have a new LIFE! {Loving India Forever Eminently}

Source of all Images: Google

Created by: 

Bhavya Malhotra






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