Aashirvad! (Blessings!)

A special picnic to Japanese park!

The DAV bus erupted into cheers as it steered through the black barred gates of “Kamla Bakshi Elders Home Society” . On stepping out of the bus, we (the students of class XII along with our teachers) were greeted by a magnificent garden inhabiting beautiful blossoms, some of which I had seen for the first time. Our joyous hearts then escorted the elders into the bus and we drove towards the Japanese Park with high spirits!


Within half an hour we were under the shade of the trees overlooking the lake in the park. Jeevika (the one in blazer) imprinted our foreheads with Chandan tilak and each of our guests was presented with red roses as lovely as their hearts! 🌹

IMG-20190323-WA0214           IMG-20190323-WA0055

Mukta, my friend celebrated her birthday by cutting the cake and was showered with loads of blessings and love! She is such a sweetheart. 😄 And after the cake cutting ceremony we had a short Frooti time – Dhaerya’s courtesy and it tasted even better thanks to the rejoicing atmosphere around us!

Happy B’day Mukta!

As you can spot in the pics below, our guitarist Surakshita and the melodious soul Krishna (hope you remember this post😃) filled the air of Japanese park with melodious beats! All of us then arranged ourselves to form a ring and played the all time favourite Indian family game! Can you guess?


” Baithe baithe bore hue, karna hai kuch kam!

Shuru Karo Antakshari leke Prabhu ka nam!”

Translation:We are bored by sitting idle, let’s play Antakshari by chanting God’s name.


The sweet songs of 1960s Indian cinema we sang are still ringing in my ears. No matter how old they were physically but their hearts were as young as ours and they all enthusiastically participated. The aunty in purple and Malhotra uncle (Yeah, we share the same surname!) in pink tapped their feet along with us jubilantly.

Dancing our heart out!

How can a picnic be completed without sizzling food! All of us had a delicious meal – the buttery sandwich, crispy bread roll, dhokla, mathi, chips, soan papdi and milk cake with a cup of tea served by Manan, the hard working fellow of the day! Moreover, sandwiches and bread rolls were home made prepared by Shubhi, Jeevika, Gauri and Krishna, Pallavi respectively.

After satiating our appetite, we strolled along the lake for sometime and luckily some cute creatures crossed our path, the naughtiest of all : Monkeys! We served our fauna guests some sandwiches, you can see them having their breakfast below.


What a delightful day it was! The elderly shared their experiences with us and literally our hearts were brimming with joy. They weren’t an atom like strangers, it felt as if we’d known them for long. After a lovely day, we bid them goodbye with a token of love presented by Ms. Sonia, Ms. Rajju, Ms. Ritu and Ms. Samita on behalf of our school.

IMG-20190323-WA0096  IMG-20190323-WA0077img-20190323-wa0238.jpg

As we were saying them goodbyes, my mind was racing through all the events of the day spotting little – little details and feeling happy secretly. We all will always remember and cherish this day. Their blessings, radiant smiles… it’s all perfectly etched in my heart!


How lovely and joy-seeking these elders are! I can’t even imagine how people can separate them from their homes! The mere thought sends shivers down my spine. The Old Age Home we visited was amazingly maintained but all such places aren’t that fortunate!

These days people pretend being nice to those whom they know would someday back-stab them but can’t one be nice to those who’ve adorned our golden childhood with love and care. Is this how we pay for their affection by parting from them in the autumn of their lives!

What elders long for is the warmth of your presence, some genuine polite words, an ear to listen their tales and a heart to feel! Can’t we just lend some of our time to them, to help them ease out their pain, to bring a smile on their face and sparkle in their eyes!


They don’t have luxurious possessions to decorate your home but the most precious thing to adore your soul – Aashirwad!

Hope you will take care of the angels at your home. I also have one… my cute nani (maternal grandma)

My Nani brother and Guddu di!


Thank You! 

                                                                                                                      — Bhavya Malhotra


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