Read it slowly, feeling the sensations!

It all happened in a SECOND!

Vision obscured, engulfed in pitch black

What else do you expect?

When your eyes are shut like that!

The back of my hand,

Yelped and squealed in pain.

Were a hundred sharp needles inserted at once?

Or the Basilisk had jabbed its poisonous fangs!

Was that an electric wire?

Or thunder had just kissed my hand

My veins, once so full of blood

Appeared to drizzle out drop by drop…

Was I freezing or melting?

My mind had no inkling!

One SECOND seemed to stretch for an hour

Caves of my eyelids opened their mouth

To take in the despicable sight

Painted on the retina of my eye

The balloon of my pride lay popped

Since, finally I’d become the quarry

Of the black monster, fancied by none!

My hand jerked & wriggled out of its iron grip.

A ruddy fresh bubble oozing out of my skin…

For me, it was nothing short of SURPRISE

After all, I’d endured this year’s FIRST mosquito bite!


                                                                                                            — Bhavya Malhotra

So, now you know what had happened! 😂😂😂

You’re invited to share your experiences with these little friends who inhabit the Earth with us! It’s not that I fancy them very much but can’t make myself detest them either! It’s in their nature to suck blood and the best we can do is to protect ourselves from their nasty bites.

Well, I hope you’ll have a good day without discovering one perching on your skin!😀😂


37 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

        1. Well, I think I know how to make emojis using laptop keys.
          🙂 😐 xD
          You just need to type them and press space button. Each one of them would have only specific letters…
          The above ones I’ve done using laptop :))
          Two of them didn’t work LOL!

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  1. Hillarious elucidation of a mosquito bite 😂
    I couldn’t guess in the beginning as to what caused so much of pain to find the answer in the very last line…….and I was literally surprised to know a mosquito bite led your pen paint his experience with your skin😂…….but yes I agree with you, their bites actually are very painful.
    Good job!

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