Care for the Elderly!!!

Money! Money! Money!

People now-a-days are exorbitantly passionate about procuring this five letter word and can cross any damn limit to gain it! They even find their parents a liability and reckon that spending on their elders is a mere wastage of their hard-earned money. Some of them are so treacherous that they are after usurping their parent’s property and assets without a speck of shame.

Such pathetic condition is prevalent in today’s high-rated world! As in the play “The Dear Departed” the two daughters weren’t worried about the sudden demise of their father but were indulged in pinching his gold watch, clock, bureau and even his slippers. The greedy and indifferent daughters were in an attempt to outshine each other. They even called him ‘an old drunken beggar’ which clearly reflects that they have no respect for the old man.

There was no scintilla of misery in their hearts upon their father’s death. Such kind of attitude portrayed by the youth has resulted in the upsurge of old age homes to accommodate an ever-increasing number of refugees (old people). We fail to understand that it is our moral duty to take care of those worthy people who have adored us and adorned our golden childhood with lovely memories!

So, always love your elders and take care!!!

By Bhavya Malhotra


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