The Mystic Lady!

It was a bright sunny day. Raj was playing in the garden; suddenly he heard something moving behind the thorny bushes. His spine turned cold as he saw a dark shadow emerging across the long grass. The little boy gathered some valour and threw a stone at it but all at once it vanished.

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It was the last day of October, a colder one and nearly half past ten when Johnny woke up from his cosy bed. As he stepped into the hall, he was startled . to see that all the furniture had been shifted to a corner and pumpkins were scattered on the floor. The boy searched for his mother but did not get a glimpse of her. His jaw dropped as he heard a sound from the basement which was locked for the past two years. Continue reading ““THE SCARY HALLOWEEN””

Encounter with an Easter Monkey!!!🐒

Once upon a time, a railway line passed through a dense forest. The railway signal was fixed near a tall tree on which a big monkey lived. He observed a dark-coloured boy in vest and shorts approaching the railway station anxiously. The boy with tangled hair sat at the station with his neatly tied pile of newspaper. Very earnestly he took out a newspaper and began reading it thoroughly. As soon as he heard the roar of the train, he stood up alarmingly and after its arrival went inside quickly to distribute the papers. Continue reading “Encounter with an Easter Monkey!!!🐒”

The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!


A young girl in her early twenties dressed in an eyelet emerald top paired with a bright yellow skirt was heading towards the temple in anxiety. She was such a skinny and frail figure who would’ve fallen eventually even if patted by someone. Though she’d studied hard, an air of nervousness had descended upon her pale face. Continue reading “The Magical Scarlet Rose!!!”