The Mystic Lady!

It was a bright sunny day. Raj was playing in the garden; suddenly he heard something moving behind the thorny bushes. His spine turned cold as he saw a dark shadow emerging across the long grass. The little boy gathered some valour and threw a stone at it but all at once it vanished.

At the spur of the moment, an ugly cat with blood stained face emerged out of the bushes, its amber eyes appeared as if begging for help. After analysing the pathetic cat, Raj washed its wounds. The little creature licked his cheeks and merrily smiled.

To his utter amazement, sparkles of gold and red hue emerged from the cat’s navel and it transformed itself into a beautiful lady. Her rose pink cheeks   and shimmering hair provided her a winsome appearance. Raj couldn’t believe this and actually felt that he was watching a popular fairy tale. But the lady looked so real as she spoke making him believe that he was not hallucinating!

                The lady recognised his surprising eyes and said sweetly ‘Calm down boy! I’ll not harm you. I am the “Mystic Lady”, the fairy who was cursed by the dark powers and was turned  into such an ugly creature detested by everyone but it was only you who helped me. Your benevolence freed me from the evil curse. Thank you. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude!’

                       The boy half-listened her as he was occupied in observing her silver-blonde curls. He wanted to ask her more questions but she took out her scarlet ring and said “Whenever you need my help, Just remember me and rub this thrice, I’ll be there to help you my child. God bless you dear!” And then she vanished with a swish adorning the air with rainbow sparks.

A fortnight passed. Raj was ambling through a deserted alley and was jolted to see three burglars who were coming towards him. One of them pointed towards his sparkling ring which the mystic lady had gifted and exclaimed ‘It is very precious. Let’s grab it. We will have a lucrative deal for sure!’

 Raj tried to resist their snatching effort and remembered the mystic lady. Out of the blue, an ugly cat sprinted towards the culprits and scratched their faces with its sharp claws which made them run as quickly as they could.

 The cat transformed itself into the mystic lady and without a word held his finger in her soft hands firmly and clicked her finger. Raj felt as if he was swirling very fast and in a jiffy, he found himself standing at his house’s threshold. There was a letter lying on the ground saying “The mystic lady will always be there to help you.”

Raj knew that the mystic lady had vanished but her ring was still on his fingers sitting there just like a shield. He gently kissed the ring and whispered ‘Thank you, the Mystic Lady!’

  By Hiten Malhotra 

(my brother!)

4 thoughts on “The Mystic Lady!

  1. Nice one
    Enjoyed reading
    So your brother too is a good writer ,
    I’m really glad to have mystic lady with great potential( from a literary talented family ) as my follower .

    Liked by 2 people

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