भानूदय की आभा ने स्याही-सा तिमिर भगाया!

उस दिन मेरी नानी ने एक नन्हीं परी को पाया।

मुस्कान जो खिली उस चेहरे पर,

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That moment…

Hello everyone!

Through these lines, I have tried to capture a moment … a moment spoilt by the dark magic of misunderstanding. Sometimes we do what we don’t mean to and how that small mistake turns into a blunder changing everything! So, friends keep your calm and don’t let the perils of misunderstanding hover around you! Wishing you a happy read and even a more joyous day ahead!

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The Maple Tree!

There it hung a wooden plank

Beneath me, a maple tree.

A little girl would hop in her pigtails

Swaying her frock, playing with the frills.

She would sit on her majestic throne – a wooden plank!

And in her sweet voice she yelled

“Higher Daddy! Higher I wanna go!”

Their laughs echoed in the valley

As the swing launched high

Towards the infinite sky…


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